This project (Ddr-Z8e) started in 2003 when Lonfield Consulting & Development identified a plausible business opportunity in the form of the then newly released Zilog® Z8 Encore!® 640 MCU. The 640 was packed with hardware and for a handful of dollars the customer got a very capable development board as well as a free C-compiler in the form of the ZDS II IDE. The missing piece was a decent device driver library. However, after unexpected problems with compiler quality the project was canceled a few months down the road. Some years later (March 2007) it was decided to released an alpha-version of the code under GPL at Sourceforge.

The project has since been put on the back burner for long periods of time. One of the issues was that the ZDS II development tools were of less than acceptable quality. However, since the release of ZDS II version 4.11.0 it seems that Zilog has finally been able to solidify the tools.


December 1, 2009
Released Ddr-Z8e