Ddr-Z8e is a device driver library for the Zilog® Z8-Encore!® microcontroller and its built-in peripheral hardware units. Some highlights are:

  • Supports all MCUs compatible with the Z8 Encore! 642 family.
  • Works with Zilog's free integrated development environment (ZDS II).
  • Licensed under GPL.
  • Drivers for IRQ, DIO, ADC, I2C, RS232, TIMER, SPI, WDT and FLASH
  • Additional modules for binary number representation, ticker, serial LCD and basic integer to text conversion.
  • Non-blocking, interrupt driven drivers for RS-232, I2C and SPI communication.
  • Polled as well as interrupt driven A/D.
  • All configuration parameters such as DIO-ports, alternative functions, baud rate, number of data bits, flow control, etc. configurable at runtime.
  • Stand alone library having no external dependencies.
  • Distributed as source code only.
  • Highly configurable for various needs .
  • Written in C (some minor pieces in inline assembler).
  • Significant portions of the drivers implemented as inline code
    resulting in small footprint and high performance.
  • Inline code can easily be reconfigured to use standard C-function
    calls assisting debugging.
  • Configurable levels of assertation.


December 1, 2009
Released Ddr-Z8e